• Nebula Overview

    Nebula is a highly secured and encrypted set of deployment tools and dashboards that facilitate the distribution and real-time management of your IoT solution set into  the cloud. From a single easy to use dashboard you can mange millions of end-points running your solution sets. Nebula is end-point agnostic and will allow your solution to run on almost any kind of platform.

    In order to manage these large quantities of edge devices Nebula consists of an easy-to-use dashboard where you can manage all of the devices. Through the use of the dashboard, a Nebula user can manage the deployment and update of any device’s or group of device’s firmware through a consistent and highly secured and encrypted channel. The dashboard continually monitors the edge devices operating status and reports when there are issues.

    The Nebula bootloader ensures that the firmware is kept secured and fully encrypted on the edge device preventing anyone from tampering with the device and gaining access to the intelligence therein.

    So even if you program in languages that do not compile into machine language such as Node.js or Node-Red, Nebula allows you to securely deploy them with out risk of anyone gaining access to your intellectual property.

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